John Bartlett (center) with Sullivan Foundation and SEEDH partners in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Dr. John Bartlett, Associate Professor of Biology at Campbell, lives in Erwin, Harnett County with his wife, Mary Jane and their two children, Emma and Jacob.  Mary Jane and John own and operate Little River Ecofarm – a pasture-based beef, pork and poultry farm that strives to live in harmony with nature and community through sustainable practices such as rotational grazing and a thriving high school and college internship program.


Dr. Bartlett has degrees in Wildlife

Ecology and he teaches field-based

courses such as Ecology and Zoology.  

As Director of the Cape Fear River

Initiative, Dr. Bartlett works with

Campbell and Sullivan Foundation

faculty to develop community-based

learning teams of students, faculty and community partners – exploring and strengthening rural communities through a wide variety of projects.  From oral history collection to asset mapping for rural farm businesses in Appalachia (see inset), our undergraduate Cape Fear River Fellows and Sullivan Scholars receive internship-based scholarships and vital experiential training and mentoring; cultivating empathic leaders for a lifetime of service.


Dr. Bartlett can be reached by email at

Special thanks to Zach Robbins of, Ilia Smirnoff of Cape Fear River Adventures, LLC, Jeff Davidson of Morrow Mountain State Park and Raven Rock State Park for Photo and Video Contributions